Hail Damage

Read about hail damage to your car and what PDR from Dentnology Corp. can do to help you get your car back to its pre-hail state

Chicago Hail Damage Repair

There’s nothing pleasant about having your vehicle damaged in a hailstorm. And the process of getting it repaired can be even more unpleasant. Dealing with your insurance company and running around town getting estimates takes up a lot of time, and it can be confusing. The good news is that all major insurance companies now endorse paintless dent repair for automobile hail damage, unless the damage is too severe to be repaired with this method.

My car was damaged in the hail storm. What do I do now?

The first thing to do is to contact your insurance company and initiate a claim. You will be informed where to take your car or truck in order to have the damage assessed by an insurance adjuster.

Hail damage is classified as a comprehensive claim, not a collision claim. If you have comprehensive coverage, you are covered. Whatever deductible level you have chosen on your policy for comprehensive coverage is the amount of the claim you will have to pay out of pocket. Your insurer pays the rest of the claim amount.

Generally speaking, hail damage is considered an act of God by most insurance companies, and does not affect your future rates. However, if your vehicle gets hail-damaged repeatedly, these claims may affect your premiums later. Ask your insurance company for their policies regarding this.

Mobile Hail Team

Dentnology’s mobile hail team is nationally renowned and travels state to state in order to assist customers in areas recently hit by hail. Even on the road, we provide the best quality service to our customers. Our hail team has a fast response time and works tirelessly to return your vehicle to its pre-storm state.